'About Stevo'

'Do the impossible'

'Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape', (anon, n.d.)

About Stevo

Stevo is qualified as a level 4 personal trainer, and his specialities include, ‘fat loss’, ‘muscle conditioning’, ‘exercise and management in lower back pain’, ‘advanced nutrition for weight management’ and 'pre and post natal'. He has over 10 years experience in the U.K, helping transform peoples lives through specialist training and meal design, and has now put together and released the all-encompassing body transformation package the 'Quick Shred', 60-day plan. 

One of Stevo's greatest achievements in life and something that personifies him and truly makes up his identity is the Royal Marines. Images of Stevo on operations can be seen below.

Stevo is also a director and part of the design team helping to build and deliver 'Lifestyle Compass'. It is a web app that prescribes tailored training plans for individuals, designed to either bulk, strip fat, define curves or increase all-round fitness depending on the users goals. It has nearly 400 exercise videos that act as a teaching aid to make sure that ‘form / technique’ is perfect for each and every exercise prescribed within the 'Quick Shred'. It is recommended that anyone following the 'Quick Shred' sign up to 'Lifestyle Compass', as not only will it provide you with these teaching videos, it will also provide training plans from day 61 once the 'Quick Shred' is complete.

Stevo is attempting a Guinness World Record for ‘number of pull ups in 1 minute’, so if you're keen to see his progress, please follow him on both his Instagram channel 'Stevo_life' and on YouTube 'Stevo Quick'.

'Do the impossible', (Stevo, 2017)