Online Personal Training With Stevo


Online Personal Training With Stevo


Online training which is PT via Skype and WhatsApp where Stevo will provide tailored training and nutritional advice*. This package is for one month and includes an evolving training and diet plan (possibly a detox too depending on the client) all tailored to the client with macronutrients broken down in to an easily digestible format (scuse the pun). Stevo is on hand every day to provide assistance.

Types of packages available

  • Firm and tone (tight abs and great bums)
  • Body sculpting programmes (stage ready)
  • Weight loss (fat reduction whilst keeping skin firm)
  • Increase in fitness (all round health and fitness packages)
  • Pre and post natal (including when breast feeding)
  • Strength and mass (bigger arms, six pack abs, large V shape back and sculpted chest)
  • Service packages (training for marines, army, navy, air force, police and fire service)
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Sports specific

*After purchase, you will be sent a lifestyle questionnaire that you will need to complete. Just send this back to us via email and once received, we will send you your custom training and nutrition plan within 24 hours. Stevo will contact you to set up communications and be on hand to coach you through your training.

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