Why am I achieving?

I am currently fitter, stronger and more sculpted than I have ever been. I am able to run faster for further, currently running 5k's in sub 17 minutes, perform the human flag for 30 seconds (see my vids) and crack 40 pull-ups in 27 seconds, world record coming up;). I feel athletically in control of my body and I no longer suffer with any minor complaints or referral pain whatsoever from my previous slipped discs and sciatica.

I am achieving right now as I have supreme confidence in my ability and an unfaltering will carved from these three fundamental principles:

1. Effort
2. Consistency
3. Sheer will

I want you to take yourself back to some of the physical and mental journeys you may have experienced during a workout. We've all been there, when your body is screaming at you to stop, I'll now address why we shouldn't quit and how to get your mind right.

Starting with effort! Ok it's this simple, you don't quit, you don't wrap, and you don't stop when it starts burning. You hold your form tight and you move your body until you can no longer perform another rep. That is what I mean by effort, when your mind is saying more and your body is unable to keep up. When you reach this level of effort, you are on the right trajectory!

Secondly, consistency! Again, you don't quit, you don't cry when you are unable to lift your arms because the burn was just too much, what d'you want someone to come and rub your triceps better because you did a few too many dips? Consistency is about getting yourself back in to the gym, back on that workout and smashing goals! Consistency is about never saying 'I'm too sore, I need a rest'.

If you want to get to where you need to be, whether that is a weight loss goal or a sculpting physique, you must put one foot forward each and every day and stay on course. You’re not going to suddenly wake up in 10 weeks and become who you wanted to be 10 weeks before; you have to earn it and continue earning it all the days in between. The work you put in during this time period will be what determines whether you reach your goal.

Lastly, sheer will! You need to work out what drives you, what makes you want to be better and what it is that is going make you respond to your own wants and needs in order to make a change. You need to work this out, then harness this and drive it forwards in the correct way as this 'sheer will', will be your driving force behind whether you’re going to make it, or whether you're going to fail.

Anyone that knows me knows that when I train, I put my absolute everything in to every set, every rep and every movement. When I train, I train.

Some of the best people I have ever met in my life have come from the marines and from the gym, why? because they are people that push themselves to their physical limits, and where I see someone’s real strength of mind and true character. I am fortunate to have so many like-minded people around me. These achievers look out for one another and want the best for me as I do for them. I love my ‘fitfam’; we push each other to become the best version of ourselves.

I have made myself accountable over time, at first quietly showing people my results and now preparing publically for my world record. I am making myself accountable with this unfaltering sense of superior belief that I have in my ability. The level of accountability that you put out there to others is a reflection of how badly you want it! You don't need to smash your Facebook full of gym check-ins to do this, you just need to have an unequivocal focus so that if you're challenged about what it is you are aiming for, that you don't fold like a wet piece of paper, and that you can stand stead fast and respond in a way that tells the asker, you know what you are talking about!

Any of my current clients have truly got me in my prime, I literally live and breathe fitness right now and I’m pumped about my ‘60 Day Shred’ plan that will be available to everyone, purchasable on this site and also Amazon eBooks within the next few days/weeks.